About Us

USC Hybrid High School is a college preparatory public charter high school in Downtown LA currently serving 9th and 10th grades.  We are expanding one grade level per year until we serve 450 students in grades 9-12 in Fall 2015. We combine a traditional “no excuses” model with a blended learning model that personalizes each student’s learning.  USC HHS is operated by the charter management organization Ednovate. Ednovate’s mission is to close the college graduation gap through our Theory of Change, in which a strong sense of purpose, a personalized college prep curriculum, and development of specific mindsets will allow each of our students to persist through college.

The Challenge

There is a significant gap in college graduation rates between low-income and high-income families.


We believe that if students are driven by a deep sense of purpose to use their college degrees and their careers, they will be more likely to persist through college graduation.

Students will graduate from high school seeing themselves as agents for Positive Multigenerational Change (PMC) in their family, community, nation and world, and our annual performance tasks are sequenced around those four themes.


We believe that we can significantly advance the academic proficiency and depth of learning in our students through a mastery-based personalized college prep curriculum, therefore increasing the number of students who graduate from college. 

We intend to build upon the impact of the many high-performing charters that are already doing great work by integrating technology to personalize the learning experience, resulting in a more rigorous and engaging program that meets the unique needs of all students. Our blended learning model allows for more efficient use of student and teacher time, creating space for the deep learning that happens with our PMC performance tasks.


We believe in developing the mindsets needed to thrive in and persist through college graduation.

Our student experience (face-to-face and online) is designed to intentionally develop the traits of integrity, entrepreneurship, mastery, and joy.  We believe that if our students carry these mindsets through their college experience, they will be more likely to persist through college graduation.